This Week in Reconstruction, February 15-21, 1871

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This Week in Reconstruction, February 15-21, 1871


Richmond, determined to the most prosperous city in the South, is relying on railroads to have connections with the West and the North. The Dispatch is elated at the fact that the Ohio and Chesapeake railroad is expanding to have a rail line to Richmond, but since it is not a direct line it will not bring an influx of people to the city. The Dispatch knows that although this is a step in the right direction, in order to have real connections with Ohio, a direct line will have to be built. There has been increased amounts of problems with the Philadelphia railroad company, including the company's critique of Richmond and the refusal to allow a direct line until the city is more prosperous. The company also said that they were going to build a rail to Richmond when they had no intentions of actually doing so. Also, the president of the Pennsylvania company pretended to be the president of the Virginia company, and wanted to control the matters of the Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac lines. After this complication, there will finally be a direct line from Ohio to Virginia, that will finish construction in 1872. This is a significant step towards completion of Reconstruction, for it signals communication and unification of states.


February 15-21, 1871


Megan Wiora