This Week in Reconstruction, March 15-21, 1871

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This Week in Reconstruction, March 15-21, 1871


Richmond once again feels cheated out of a rail line to Petersburg, which is the city that would open Richmond's access to North Carolina. The line between Richmond and Petersburg would be sold to the Pennsylvania Central Rail Company. This company has manipulated Richmond's company time and time again. This will have negative effects and cause an decline in growth of the city in a crucial time in the city's rebirth. The Dispatch is wondering why, "not every member of the Legislature [is] personally interested in preventing any act which will retard immigration, keep out capital, and prolong the prostrate condition of poor Old Virginia?" This railroad is key to have control over when trading, and the Dispatch condemns Mahone, the perpetrator is this swindling, by saying that "any man thinks that General Mahone is to be permitted to hold the position between this city and Petersburg is a great blockhead. The day is past for this sort of thing."


March 15-21, 1871


Megan Wiora