This Week in Reconstruction, April 1-7, 1871

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This Week in Reconstruction, April 1-7, 1871


A legislative battle between General Mahone and the Committee of Nine comes to a dramatic close this week, for the House of Delegates gave the control of the Richmond-Petersburg railroad by one vote to the Committee of Nine. This is a great victory, for now the Committee of Nine will have control of the rail and be able to prioritize the interests of Virginia. Richmond and Petersburg have similar interests and connecting them via rail line with the state in control of the rail line would be the best situation for the prosperity of the state. This is also the best situation for Richmond because the committee can build the railroad at a significantly cheaper price than the price Mahone purposed. This was a heated and highly contested battle, so much so that after the decision was made the lawyer from Petersburg and General Mahone started a fight after the Senate passed the bill. Mahone cursed out the Petersburg lawyer and then started a fight with him. Railroads once again become the stage for political hostilities.


April 1-7, 1871


Megan Wiora