This Week in Reconstruction, April 15-30, 1871

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This Week in Reconstruction, April 15-30, 1871


The Ku Klux Bill is at the forefront of issues during the past three weeks. The bill is being prepared, presented, and passed with amendments. The Dispatch disagrees with the passing of the bill because it breaches and violates the duty of federal powers. The South views this bill as a direct threat against their freewill, even though its applied to every state in the country. They are aghast at the bill, and claim they would not perpetrate violence against anyone based on their race, despite evident proof that the Ku Klux has committed acts against African-American people. Southerners object to the bill because they believe that, "Congress had no right to pass any such law. It trenches upon the rights and duties of the States. It makes Federal judges, who at present are the mere creatures of the President, masters of the property and the persons of the people." Virginia, a state that has already dealt with great amounts of animosity from Congress, feels personally victim to this bill.


April 15-30, 1871


Megan Wiora