This Week in Reconstruction, August 1-8, 1866

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This Week in Reconstruction, August 1-8, 1866


Blacks assemble more frequently in the form of violent parades throughout Richmond. According to Dispatch editors, White Southerners exhibit incredible self-control by tolerating these nightly disturbances. The root of these demonstrations is not the black community itself, but the whites who plant ideas into the minds of blacks, provoking their anger. Radicals are apparently unopposed to the rioting of the blacks; it is a service to their cause when white Southerners prove they are incapable of cooperating with blacks. Virginia selects their delegates for the Philadelphia National Convention. These candidates are mostly former rebel leaders- all well known, upper class members of the community. Virginia trusts that the men will be permitted to participate in the convention; these are the most educated men of national reputation in the state. Railroads of the South agree to charge half their normal fare to the state representatives travelling to Philadelphia; they are excited that the South finally has a chance to express their concerns on a national platform. Talk of the Southerners exclusion from the next presidential election is ruled out as a conspiracy by Dispatch editors. If it is not, white Southerners promise that another war will break out.


August 1-8, 1866


Brooke Beam