This Week in Reconstruction, October 8-15, 1866

Dublin Core


This Week in Reconstruction, October 8-15, 1866


The Freedmen's Bureau is charged with protecting and furthering the rights of freedmen across the South and the nation. The Freedmen's Bureau is involved in expanding the possibilities given to black men and women across the country. Since the end of the war, the possibilities made available to people who spent a majority of their life in slavery have opened up. Many of those possibilities are direct results from efforts made the Freedmen's Bureau. The efforts it has made and success it has had, leads the Dispatch to discredit the bureau at every opportunity. It has been a part of the great strides made, but its efforts have been stalled at every opportunity by those who oppose its mission. For every small victory, such as aiding a group of black Richmonders who bought a tract of land with the goal of creating the first cemetery dedicated to African-Americans, there are multiple defeats. In another attempt to weaken the Freedmen's Bureau and their mission, funding cuts have been made to it. The Dispatch published a report from the Freedmen's Bureau saying it will no longer be able to give rations to all freedmen in the city, and will instead only give rations to those in dire situations. No longer able to support all the freedmen it used to, many freedmen are unsure how they will provide for their families.


October 8-15, 1866


Nat Berry