This Week in Reconstruction, November 7-14, 1866

Dublin Core


This Week in Reconstruction, November 7-14, 1866


After voters in states across the country reaffirmed the super-majority that the Radicals have in congress, the Dispatch laments the "misrule and tyranny" that all Americans will have to suffer through for at least two more years. With the election in the past, speculation has filled the nation as to what President Johnson will do now. Will he view the most recent election as a referendum against him and his policies and be more cooperative with Congress? Will he stay dedicated to his positions and ignore the results of the election? The Dispatch is happy to report on a speech given by Johnson in which he makes it clear he will not submit to the Radicals. Johnson not only refuses to submit to the obvious will of the people, but goes further and attempts to deny that the results of the congressional elections even represent the will of the people. He suggests that a minority of people are currently controlling the government and enforcing their will on the majority. In this short statement, he attempts to erode the foundation of the American political system: democracy rule. Floundering as he sees his power shrink, Johnson begins to act reactionary. How Johnson will act after the nation seemingly rejected his authority and platform, no one knows. But there is no doubt that his decisions and future actions will have effects for years to come.


November 7-14, 1866


Nat Berry