This Week in Reconstruction, January 15-21, 1867

Dublin Core


This Week in Reconstruction, January 15-21, 1867


African Americans are their newfound freedom has granted them the freedom they have never had. But now that they know what freedom is like, they can experience what it is like to have it stripped of them. White men are questioning every move that African Americans make. There was even an investigation called to order because a white woman and black man were seen holding hands. African Americans face bigger problems than this, as the Southern States as they write their new constitutions so they can be admitted into the Union are only taking whites into consideration. This is an understandable for the states to do, as they have never had to take black rights into account before the Civil War. Plus, most Northern States themselves do not have African Americans incorporated into their state constitutions. This will be very hard for the Southern States to accomplish, as African Americans have left their economy for the North to create new lives and live with less discrimination. This has caused many jobs to be lost to the North, which means a sharp drop in the economy. But, even if African Americans wanted to stay to keep their jobs, they would still face discrimination from the Southerners as a report just came in about a black man being heavily discriminated against in New Orleans.


January 15-21, 1867


Walker Black