This Week in Reconstruction, January 22-31, 1867

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This Week in Reconstruction, January 22-31, 1867


It has been well over a year since the war has ended and yet, white Richmonders believe, Northerners continue to harass and punish the Southern Confederates. The Southerners acknowledge their defeat and want to leave the past in the past. They long for Northerners to recognize their defeat and stop treating them as outsiders, "rebels," in the newly rebuilt nation. One Southerner states, "When it was all over, and we laid down our arms, there was just as little mistake about it: no cause in all history, which was as fought for so long and so well, ever accepted defeat, and the legitimate consequences of defeat, so suddenly, so quietly, so completely. So, we beg to inform our northern brethren that there are no rebels here at present, and when there are, the fact will be quite apparent." To white Southerners' dismay, Northern Congressmen want to disenfranchise any Southerner associated with the Confederacy. They want to strip the South of any government position built from a Confederate basis despite the current standpoint of the position. At the same time, the people of Virginia are looking to elect a new Governor that will abide and serve the state of Virginia, not the Northerners of Congress.


January 22-31, 1867


Walker Black