This Week in Reconstruction, March 15-21, 1867

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This Week in Reconstruction, March 15-21, 1867


Congress has been primarily focusing their efforts on Reconstruction as their session ends. One bill that would most likely be Congress' final major bill of the session is the Supplemental Reconstruction Bill. It is essentially the same bill as the Sherman Bill that was introduced but vetoed by President Johnson in the weeks prior. This bill added more proper amendments that were oriented to please a larger crowd which would create a better system of efficiency in the South. This involved adding a more advanced system of appropriations in the south, a proper voting system, and regulations and rules that the leading officers of each district would have to abide by. The bill received praise from almost most the House and Senate from both parties. Despite general appraisal, President Johnson will most likely place a veto on the bill. He bases his veto purely of the fact that parts of the bill he has openly disagreed with in the past, even if he has changed his standpoint currently. He does not want to be viewed as easily swayed by Congress, so he must hold his ground on his previous views. No matter the veto, the veto will be overridden by Congress and most likely be the last bill to pass through Congress before they recess. Due to most the bills that Congress has been placing priority on are Reconstruction oriented, the public seems to have come to the consensus that Congress should start to consider other matters in the next session.


March 15-21, 1867


Walker Black