This Week in Reconstruction, April 1-7, 1867

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This Week in Reconstruction, April 1-7, 1867


The nation is starting to lose faith in the Republican Party as the party is failing at controlling Congress. The party has had temporary break-ups in the past which reflect on how disorganized and unstable the group acts. Any conflict that the party must deal with, whether it be creating a new Reconstruction bill or dealing with Southern pressures, they always inevitably end up quarreling with one another. Republicans are also being blamed for favoring the majorities of America and not focusing on the minorities. The attempts at creating equality are often overshadowed by the negative feedback from the South on Reconstruction. A quote from the paper summarizes all this, stating, "Has the republican government proved to be a failure in this country? Unquestionably it seems so." Alongside party issues, the newest Reconstruction Act is facing issues adapting within some Southern states. Many states are accepting the new laws and enforcing them while others are questioning their constitutionality. This would be the states last chance to challenge the new acts due to the Senate's current session coming to an end very soon. The Southern states are hesitant though because they are afraid that if they bring to light the unconstitutionality of the acts, Congress will counter it be challenging the constitutionality of the governments of some Southern States. This standoff between Congress and the states only enforces more the failure and conflict the Republicans are creating and failing to compromise in this country.


April 1-7, 1867


Walker Black