This Week in Reconstruction, April 22-31, 1867

Dublin Core


This Week in Reconstruction, April 22-31, 1867


Once rebels, many Southerners are starting to conclude that there is a new lifestyle being enforced in the South. This new life, brought by all the Reconstruction acts of past months, is filled with African Americans receiving rights and new restrictions on White rights due to their actions in the war. These actions that have influenced both White and Black lives have succeeded in their goals and brought the two closer together. "It is no time for disputation, no time for wrangling. It is time to restore the State to order and pave the way for the restoration of its prosperity." Whites need Blacks, and Blacks need Whites, and it will remain this way for the rest of history as most Southerners have realized whether they like it or not. Because of the actions and the realizations that Southerners have come to, many people of the North claim they would readily accept the South back as proper states. Congress has dealt out enough restrictions and guidelines to the Southern States that they have given up trying to refuse their punishments. If the South can maintain this new life, the North wants to have the South join back in as States of the Country. Accepting them back will allow for new opportunities for immigration and business. Much like Whites and Blacks working together, the North and the South collaborating will bring about chances for both to prosper.


April 22-31, 1867


Walker Black