This Week in Reconstruction, May 16-22, 1867

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This Week in Reconstruction, May 16-22, 1867


The roots of segregation progress this week when a steamboat incident surfaces and the government debated the proposed public school system. Though black and white men are now considered equals under the law, the Dispatch believes this is only publicly, not in private businesses, stating that "we are ready to concede to the blacks equal rights before the law; but we are not going to associate with them unless we choose to do so." After an incident between a steamboat company and two black women, the government decides that a company has the right to prohibit people from using their service as long as the corporation clearly states the rules prior to the person's use. The editors of the Dispatch emphasize that by law all men are equal but by societal standards they are not.


May 16-22, 1867


Stacey Dec