This Week in Reconstruction, May 23-31, 1867

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This Week in Reconstruction, May 23-31, 1867


The debate on free schools and how they will work in Virginia continues. White Virginians still emphasize that free schools can exist, but should exist by separating the races. The Dispatch encourages people to write letters protesting the proposal of mixed schools, stating "let no man countenance the idea of mixed schools. It is intolerable." This leads to a conversation of state rights and national rights. Many people accept the reconstruction acts, but some of the extra provisions being suggested breach state rights and are not acceptable to white Virginians. The Attorney General of Virginia emphasized in a letter to President Johnson that state rights must be reserved for the states. Building on the controversy over state and national rights, military reconstruction is introduced at the end of this week. The military will come to Richmond to establish rule and preside over events. This will ensure equality for everyone, not just the select white Richmonders, and will hold everyone to the same standard. Some white Virginians believe the military will not respect the state rights of Virginia; however, many Virginians accept the military rule in order to gain power later.


May 23-31, 1867


Stacey Dec