This Week in Reconstruction, June 1-7, 1867

Dublin Core


This Week in Reconstruction, June 1-7, 1867


Virginia's state government makes many changes to the laws and codes in Virginia in part because General Schofield is coming to govern Richmond. He will determine who is considered a rebel and who will be eligible to run for office and vote in upcoming elections. As a result, the lawmakers are eliminating the words "colored" and "white" from the Code to eliminate racial speech and inequality under the law. The Dispatch claims that the revisions to the law are honorable and that the public should accept them. On the other hand, an election leads to white Virginians firing many black men who work for them because they suspect them of voting for the Radical ticket. Some claim that these white men should be punished; however, the Dispatch believes that there is no justifiable punishment because employers are not punished for firing white men. Afterwards, black men suffer on the streets at the beginning this week after the vote, "found sitting about the corners, waiting anxiously for the Republican committee to provide their meals and transportation home" after their employers turn them out for voting.


June 1-7, 1867


Stacey Dec