This Week in Reconstruction, June 15-21, 1867

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This Week in Reconstruction, June 15-21, 1867


Registering begins for citizens of Richmond beginning Monday, June 17. The Dispatch encourages all Virginians to register to vote. After Monday, 185 white men and 144 black men have registered to vote. When registering, there is a door for black men and a door for white men, and inside the registration location on Grace Street people keep track of who has registered. Those who cannot read answer questions orally and sign their registration forms with their fingerprints. No women are permitted to vote; however, some speakers at a meeting in Nansemond question who should be allowed to vote and ask the government for equality. The Radicals at the meeting say that all people should have "social, political, and civic equality" and encourage legislation that allows women to vote.


June 15-21, 1867


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