This Week in Reconstruction, February 19-28, 1866

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This Week in Reconstruction, February 19-28, 1866


The Dispatch believes that President Johnson will veto The Freedmen's Bureau bill which brings "great excitement" to the Dispatch. The Dispatch continues to praise Johnson and "praises the lord" for Johnson's veto, however, despite earlier reports, Johnson now stands in support the Freedmen's Bureau. Quotes from well respected Southern leaders reassure southerners of "Johnson's firmness" despite his stance in this time of uncertainty. Violence erupts due to political and social uncertainty and reports from Memphis describe groups of African Americans who use guns to intimidate and rob store owners. The Dispatch, and the white southerners that the Dispatch represents, are horrified by the idea of these African American groups which plants the seed for more racist sentiment.


February 19-28, 1866


Justin Barlow