This Week in Reconstruction, August 15-21, 1867

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This Week in Reconstruction, August 15-21, 1867


The Dispatch believes the government, federally and in Richmond, should consider a more proportional way of representation in order to ensure that all parties are included in government decisions. England recently adopted this method of government, allowing for all parties to be represented in government based on how people vote along the party lines. The Dispatch states that some Reconstruction policies may have been more bipartisan and less Radical if this system was in place, a theory that appeals to many white Virginians. They say, "if it had been in operation in the northern States at the time of their last elections of members of Congress, the Radicals could not have secured thirty majority in the House of Representatives, and none of the Radical reconstruction measures or negro bills could have been passed over the President's veto." They also mention the possibility that the Civil War might not have happened if this system existed, because the South would not have had the base reasons for secession that they currently claim.


August 15-21, 1867


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