This Week in Reconstruction, January 1-8, 1868

Dublin Core


This Week in Reconstruction, January 1-8, 1868


White Southerners look at Northerners with frustration and nothing less than hate. The war has been over for less than two years yet the South is still in shambles. Southerners are still shut out from politics and the economy is suffering. Where is the order? The South is clearly degraded and behind the rest of the nation. Yes, black citizens did suffer during slavery but now white citizens are suffering too. To these close-minded white citizens their suffering is unwarranted and unjustified. Whereas, black suffering was inherent to slavery. Although a terrible institution it was a necessary evil that allowed for America to grow and be as successful as it has. With slavery gone and the Confederacy defeated, white Southerners adopt the idea that this disgraceful history is behind them, meaning the United States should focus on recovery and the future. Much to white Southerners' chagrin, the rest of the world is not as quick to forget the war or the disgusting institution it ended. Reconstruction is not as rapid or forgiving as hoped. This North versus South tension is undoubtedly a cause of the daily violence found in the streets. Along with the lack of reconstruction progress the "negro" status remains static. Popular belief is that "negroes" are barely men since they are so closely related to beasts, inherently making them widely inferior to white men. Virginia's condition leaves many wondering if the word progress even exists.


January 1-8, 1868


Mallory Haskins