This Week in Reconstruction, January 16-22, 1868

Dublin Core


This Week in Reconstruction, January 16-22, 1868


Let America not forget about the Constitution and all that it stands for! Politics have of course always been flawed and corrupt but America today has been infiltrated by even worse men than seen before. The New Reconstruction Bill appears imminently sparking controversy regarding its legitimacy and details. Many white Southerners oppose this new bill as it includes more harsh restrictions and the implementation of military troops in the South. No southerner in their right mind would approve of military supervision. These Southerners are not violent; nor should they be feared. Military monitoring is irrelevant. The New Reconstruction Bill furthers universal suffrage. To the dismay of white Southerners, universal suffrage is a must if Virginia wishes to be admitted into the Union. White Southerners are ready to accept universal suffrage. Yet they intend to undo it as soon as power is returned to white authority.


January 16-22, 1868


Mallory Haskins