This Week in Reconstruction, January 23-31, 1868

Dublin Core


This Week in Reconstruction, January 23-31, 1868


It is challenging to say who can even vote anymore. It is proposed that individuals who were affiliated with the Confederacy should be restricted from voting. The suggestion that individuals previously affiliated with the Confederacy do not deserve the right to vote is widely attacked. Most white Southerners held ties to the Confederacy and strive to shut this proposition down, which would set their goal of a return to white power even further behind. This disfranchisement would not be possible if the Radicals were not so powerful. Ever-growing Radical power is becoming so dominant that soon the United States will be under tyrannical rule. The Dispatch tells of how these Radicals have silenced the Supreme Court, disarmed the Executive branch with the hopeful impeachment of Johnson, and continuously allowed the South to struggle. The only solution to this "Radical Monarch" is the power of the people. This ideology fuels the goal of returning power to white authority. Evidently the Dispatch is not arguing for power to be handed to the black citizens of Virginia. White Southerners plan to regain power and then immediately push down blacks and the Radicals.


January 23-31, 1868


Mallory Haskins