This Week in Reconstruction, March 5-10, 1866

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This Week in Reconstruction, March 5-10, 1866


Southerners, "disenfranchised" by the war, are thrilled by the prospect of new legislation proposed by Radicals meant to ensure the "enjoyment of life, liberty, and property" for all Americans. Changes are taking place as voting opens in Richmond for the amendment of the Charter of the City Richmond and the Dispatch urges "all men who can vote" to vote in favor of the proposed amendment. Anti-Johnson sentiment rises in both the South and in the North where some Radicals accuse Johnson of "embodying the spirit of evil". The Senate heard and rejected representation legislation that would reassess the political power of Southern states. The Dispatch quickly blames the Radicals for the rejection and cites their inconsistency as the reason for a lack of progress at the federal level.


March 5-10, 1866


Justin Barlow