This Week in Reconstruction, February 9-15, 1868

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This Week in Reconstruction, February 9-15, 1868


Looking past the depressing present condition of Virginia, the Dispatch radiates a bright and optimistic tone concerning Virginia's future. The Dispatch reminds its mainly white audience that Virginia is still the same Virginia as before the war. The prosperous state before the war is still achievable in the future. As soon as the excitement of the election fades Virginia will return to a place of peace and success. The key to this success is giving white Virginians autonomy, since Virginia knows best how to fix itself, more so than parasitic Northerners. To boost white Richmonder morale the Dispatch ensures "there is every reason here, outside of the political questions, for faith and confidence in the future."


February 9-15, 1868


Mallory Haskins