This Week in Reconstruction, February 23-29, 1868

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This Week in Reconstruction, February 23-29, 1868


Every conversation in Richmond and all of Virginia revolves around Johnson's impeachment. Accused of high crimes and misdemeanors, Johnson's battles with Congress finally come to an end with the House of Representatives passing the impeachment resolution. The Constitution rules in favor of Johnson that "punishment in cases of impeachment shall not extend further than removal from office, and disqualification to hold any office under the Government." The Dispatch, although not Johnson's biggest supporter, reminisces on Johnson's work as President of the United States and how impeachment is far too harsh of a punishment. He was simply a man trying to do his job while Congress and its Radical-filled seats interrupted all of his progress. Presidential impeachment is unprecedented meaning the details of Johnson's trial cannot as of yet be explained. The Dispatch is more electric than usual as all eyes will be on this trial and its hectic process.


February 23-29, 1868


Mallory Haskins