This Week in Reconstruction, March 15-22, 1868

Dublin Core


This Week in Reconstruction, March 15-22, 1868


Proceed with caution: the Ku Klux Klan has risen! The K. K. K. first made its appearance in Tennessee with rumors that their activity has been wildly over exaggerated. They also noted that no crimes have been committed by them yet. Radicals are bothered by the presence of the K. K. K. and expect nothing less than violence to come of their presence. The Dispatch and the white Southerners it serves scold the Radicals who voiced complaints. In the eyes of the Dispatch, the K. K. K. is harmless and rather beneficial, since the organization acts to oppose Radical Leagues and maintain justice. Justice in this case refers to keeping the white man superior and the black man suppressed. The Radical Loyal Leagues are far worse than the K. K. K. will ever be! The Dispatch clarifies that the Ku Klux Klan is a "society solely for the purpose of protecting persons and property." When described in this light, the K. K. K. are depicted as heroes with the true villains being the Radicals. Perhaps the K. K. K. is nothing more than an innocent organization fighting for justice.


March 15-22, 1868


Mallory Haskins