This Week in Reconstruction, April 1-8, 1868

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This Week in Reconstruction, April 1-8, 1868


Where did all of the money go? The Virginia state Convention has run out of all its funds, spending the good money on nothing more than horseplay. The carpetbagger, scalawag, and "negro" members of the Convention are all crooked anyway. The Dispatch and the white Southerners it represents, view the committee as a "body of incompetent mercenary white interlopers, the vultures of camps who remained after the war, and ignorant negroes." General Grant himself demands that the Convention ceases to exist by April 6th. The Convention is a joke in itself. It has accomplished less than a room full of children could have and "most outrageously wasted the money of a prostrate and impoverished people." Even more saddening is the apathy of the Convention members. These members never did and never will care about the well-being of Virginia. All they want is their daily pay, and they will prolong the Convention for as long as possible to obtain "their eight dollars per diem!" How is Virginia expected to improve when it is in the hands of this bogus Convention?


April 1-8, 1868


Mallory Haskins