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  • Collection: This Week in Reconstruction, March 12-17, 1866

March 17, 1866

The Dispatch sarcastically thanks the Yankees as they "take out affairs into its own keeping" but states that they "decline interference" as southerners fight to get rid of the Yankees who they believe to be the "most infamous race".

March 16, 1866

A bill makes its way through Congress that grants citizenship to all people born in the United States regardless of color and the Dispatch believes that the President will sign the bill into law

March 15, 1866

Some Radicals look to break away from the lead of Thaddeus Stevens as instability arises in the Radical party.

March 15, 1866

Tensions between freedmen and whites reach new heights in Louisville, where a group of discharged freedmen was brutally assaulted after reportedly insulting a white woman.

March 14, 1866

Congress discusses the approval of legislation intended to address the subject of Southern congressional representation.

March 14, 1866

Prominent leaders such as Henry Winter Davis come forward in support of the suffrage movement.

March 13, 1866

Congress hopes to pass a bill that allows military leaders acting under the President to restore land confiscated from the Union during the war.

March 12, 1866

Southerners are outraged over legislation that would further "disenfranchise" Southern white men and extend suffrage rights to men of all races.
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