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  • Collection: This Week in Reconstruction, February 5-10, 1866

February 10, 1866

The "Colored Delegation" fear that the President will veto the District Suffrage bill.

February 9, 1866

Pennsylvania's lawmakers approve suffrage legislation for African Americans.

February 8, 1866

The Louisville Journal reports the likelihood of the passage of more African American suffrage legislation in the South.

February 7, 1866

The breakup of the Republican party approaches due to disagreements between party leaders.

February 6, 1866

Some freedmen desire independent African American colonies in the South.

February 5, 1866

The President's supposed views on the District Suffrage bill and the Trumbull Freedmen's Bureau bill according to the New York Tribune.

February 5, 1866

The Dispatch expects to see the end of the Freedmen's Bureau in the near future.
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