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  • Collection: This Week in Reconstruction, February 12-17, 1866

February 16, 1866

Conservatives call for the impeachment of President Johnson as Congressional decisions regarding the Freedmen's Bureau come to light.

February 15, 1866

Following a New York Tribune passage about the President's supposed veto of the Freedmen's Bureau bill, the Dispatch offers satirical comments about the President's role in the suffrage movement.

February 15, 1866

The Sons of Temperance gain media attention as the Dispatch begins to feature their meeting times and locations.

February 14, 1866

Virginians waiting for talks to continue regarding the reunification of West Virginia and Virginia.

February 12, 1866

Resolutions meant to further reconstruction policy were delivered to lawmakers on behalf of a Virginia Committee.

February 12, 1866

The nation is divided over the passage of the Freedmen's Bureau bill. White southerners are outraged while freedmen celebrate.
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