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  • Collection: This Week in Reconstruction, February 19-28, 1866

February 28, 1866

" A party of negroes" rob multiple groceries stores in Memphis dressed in full military uniform as terrified store owners fear for their safety.

February 27, 1866

Hon. Sherrard Clemens demonstrates his support for Andrew Johnson in an effort to reassure southerners of Johnson's ability to lead.

February 26, 1866

The Freedmen's Bureau will continue to operate as Johnson supports its existence despite the Bureau's "corrupt and incapacitated" nature.

February 23, 1866

Some of the freedmen reportedly prefer slavery to freedom because they "received better treatment under slavery".

February 21, 1866

The Washington Constitutional Union'praises the lord' after Andrew Johnson's reported veto of the Freedmen's bill.

February 21, 1866

Speculation arises as the Freedmen's bill passes through the Senate without the support of President Johnson.

February 20, 1866

The Dispatch reports "with pleasure" that the Freedmen's Bureau bill that just reached Congress comes with objections from the President.

February 20, 1866

The President's veto of the Freedmen's bill brings "great excitement" to white southerners.
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