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January 18, 1866

Following the end of slavery, farmers in Virginia seek cheap labor.

January 22, 1866

Federal legislators demand that southerners integrate schools and colleges in return for the ability to use public land for industrial colleges.

June 13, 1866

Johnson opposes the Republican party of Congress which favors blacks, but in his opinion, act more according to their own interests. Radicals are aware that the adoption of their policies will bring an everlasting feud between the North and South.

June 16, 1866

Dispatch editors claim the nation has made a mistake; since the war, the white Southerner has become enslaved while the black man liberated. The white Southerner is undeserving of this- they had the large responsibility of managing slaves and their…

January 3, 1868

The Dispatch announces the highly racist popular opinion of the black population. The Dispatch goes as far as to compare black citizens with beasts unrelated to humans. It is still possible that black men are still men, even so they are still quite…

January 9, 1868

A newspaper from New York, called the Republican, expresses the sentiments of the Republican plan for the economy. The Dispatch immediately goes on to criticize these ideas.

January 16, 1868

In an open letter to the white men of Virginia racist attitudes are promoted and pushed upon these young men. Two goals of: 1. Caucasian Supremacy and 2. Development are encouraged to these young men. The young men of Virginia must align their…

February 6, 1868

In a more optimistic sense the Dispatch illustrates what the bright future of a restored and prosperous Virginia may hold. All that prevents progression to a restored South is the political transition into the Union.

February 21, 1868

Although Virginians realize what must be done to restore Virginia none of them participate in the necessary actions. No citizens are willing to devote their time to restoring the nation.

February 25, 1868

If Virginia can build great cities she will be able to restore herself even faster than ever imagined. Virginia certainly has enough natural resources to return to her prosperous state, all she needs now is a solid work force.
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