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April 23, 1868

Although the state of things in Virginia is not prosperous right now there is hope for the future. It is in every citizen's best interest to focus on improving Virginia's agriculture until she is released from the oppressive hands of the Radicals.

April 25, 1868

Virginia awaits a bright future once reconstruction ceases. The state's potential can only be brought about by the white citizens. While the end of slavery left Virginia in a delicate state Virginia will need to recover. New technology such as…

October 19, 1868

The Dispatch classifies this Virginia feeling as a sense of economic growth and opportunity which is taking place in Virginia.

October 28, 1868

The Dispatch encourages people to get back into farming for reasons varying from a desire to help the economy to a desire to bring back the state fair. The Dispatch gives a list of general ideas and principles to go by to be a successful farmer. The…

November 28, 1868

The Dispatch is very pleased that this meeting is taking place and see it as an omen that next fall the fair will be back in all its former glory.

March 26, 1869

Prospective Governor Colonel Walker gives a speech to the people of Virginia about working through Reconstruction as fast as possible.

June 11, 1869

The railroad that is being built throughout Virginia is creating economic opportunities. It will run through "seven southern States... [and] enlist not only the money of capitalists, but the enterprise of manufactures."

December 9, 1869

The National Board of Trade taking place in Richmond was a "fortunate event for this city." The manner of Virginians was surprising to many of the visiting Northernors as The Dispatch claims Sourthernors presented their true selves.

February 3, 1870

Railroads are crucial to the future success of Richmond and Virginia by bringing infrastructure and communication together.

February 12, 1870

The improvement of industry is essential to the future of Virginia's economy.
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