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November 10, 1870

Richmond needs railraods, as argued by this article, as railroads will propel Richmond forward in commerce, manufacturing, agriculture, and population.

August 26, 1870

The shipbuilding industry is declining in the U.S. due to the lack of shipbuilders, as many have switched occupations or no longer take apprentices. The lack of cheap manual labor and materials also makes foreign built ships cheaper and more…

August 16, 1870

Since the end of the war, Richmond has developed through enterprise and infrastructure, including agriculture, manufacturing, railroads, and steamships. Policy creation and Richmond's future encompassing of Manchester will also be significant in…

August 8, 1870

Virginia is six years out of the Civil War and has survived Reconstruction. Therefore, the population must remain politically united and elect qualified leaders in order to encourage economic prosperity through agriculture and manufacturing and…

August 1, 1870

The Farmville election for mayor and council positions may have had voter fraud, but the Republican ticket won. The newly elected mayor will aid Farmville in replicating Richmond's economic growth by promoting agriculture and infrastructure…

July 19, 1870

The owners of the shortened railway line between Lynchburg and Richmond will meet to discuss the line's early completion. This line connects Virginia cities which allows for the transportation of agriculture and minerals and growth of intrastate…

June 1, 1870

Favorable policies and construction of railways into and out of Richmond and the West are needed for enterprise development, which will resurrect the city of Richmond to its full potential.

May 12, 1870

A bill allocating funds for education and the Educational Bureau is being negotiated in the Senate and a discussion is taking place regarding whether education should be a state or national issue.

February 12, 1870

The improvement of industry is essential to the future of Virginia's economy.

February 3, 1870

Railroads are crucial to the future success of Richmond and Virginia by bringing infrastructure and communication together.
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