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March 12, 1866

Southerners are outraged over legislation that would further "disenfranchise" Southern white men and extend suffrage rights to men of all races.

May 4, 1866

Dispatch editors claim that everyone is aware of the Radicals' harsh measures to ensure exclusion and disenfranchisement of the South, only for securing their own political advantages. The Radicals want to exclude the South until their preferred…

May 11, 1866

The House decides to pass the amendment proposed by the Reconstruction Committee which takes away the majority of the South's voting rights. White Southerners are in denial of this decision.

May 12, 1866

Thaddeus Stevens and Radical Republicans give their best efforts to prevent the third section of the amendment from being stricken out. They tell the Democrats, "Give us the third section or give us nothing!"

May 16, 1866

A conference held by the Reconstruction Committee decides that efforts will be made to strike out the third section of the amendment which disenfranchises all rebels for four years. In its place, a clause will be inserted that will deprive all former…

May 18, 1866

The North and South are still in complete disagreement over political, commercial and social issues; the North can not continue to prevent eight million white voters from participating in government.

May 31, 1866

The proposed amendment has been agreed upon, including a Civil Rights act and suffrage for blacks. The white Southerners are angry and believe these laws to be violations of the Constitution.

June 13, 1866

Johnson opposes the Republican party of Congress which favors blacks, but in his opinion, act more according to their own interests. Radicals are aware that the adoption of their policies will bring an everlasting feud between the North and South.

June 14, 1866

There are approximately 250 perfectly loyal friends of the Union among Richmond natives. About one-fifth of this party would give their life to the Union, all would favor black suffrage, and most would do anything for rebels to be disfranchised.

June 23, 1866

Virginians claim they have open arms for all immigrants willing to buy land, work or contribute to their community. However, they feel they do not have to respect incomers that believe former Confederates should be disfranchised and blacks given…
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