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September 22, 1866

Commenting a recent court opinion out of New Hampshire that made a test oath unconstitutional, the editor of the paper is very pleased with this decision.

October 3, 1866

Commenting on a speech given by Rev. Hunnicutt a preacher and editor of a "nigger" paper and voicing their displeasure with white people supporting black people.

October 12, 1866

In a clear contradiction with other reports, the Washington correspondent reports that yesterday the results of the election are not as bad for Conservatives as originally thought.

October 12, 1866

As the results from the recent elections in states across the Union, it became clear that newspaper across the country were wrong. The election wasn't a Radical landslide but actually a much closer victory than is giving hope to Conservatives in the…

October 19, 1866

Now that there is a proposed amendment to the constitution, the Dispatch is pointing out the provisions it has a problem with. The editors say the reason this amendment will be rejected by the legislatures of all southern states is because it…

October 31, 1866

A Radical newspaper in Virginia asks whether a government that denies Black citizens the right to vote can be considered a republican government. The Dispatch responds harshly by saying anyone who thinks it isn't is not capable of understanding the…

November 5, 1866

In a scathing article that refers to the war as a war of Northern aggression come about by the North's refusal to accept the Constitution, the Dispatch says the present violence seen across the country, namely in Baltimore, is only the beginning of…

January 7, 1867

Thad Stevens proposes bill to disenfranchise anyone who pledge allegiance to south. Another Congressman counters Stevens and says almost all southerners declared allegiance at one point, so it would be unreasonable and unethical.

January 7, 1867

Politicians arguing over the division of voting privileges to be amended in the future to the Constitution. Some even believe in whites being disenfranchised in the south (rebellion) states.

February 1, 1867

Support of Congress to deal out punishment against Southern rebels still existed nearly two years after the war had ended. Many Congressmen demanded that any Southern government is disbanded and remolded, along with the direct disenfranchisement of…
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