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November 24, 1870

In the interest of bringing the country together, as well as of peace and harmony, General Grant has recommended universal amnesty.

November 14, 1870

After the failing of the carpet-baggers from the North in the recent elections, white southerners have issued out a warning of sorts - do not try and come down to the south and take a single thing that belongs to them.

November 8, 1870

The Conservatives continue to rally their troops in order to get all many numbers in the polls as they can.

November 7, 1870

As election day nears, the Dispatch urges its readers to come out and vote, because they have the strength to both elect their ticket to mayor, as well as their candidate to Congress.

November 7, 1870

After much public backlash toward their ticket, the Republicans have chosen a new mayoral candidate to represent the party. In hearing this news, the conservatives have decided to fight back harder and to not relax their opposition, despite the…

November 1, 1870

The people of the Third District need to vote for Col. Ordway. The man is not only a gentleman and a good citizen, but he embodies everything - every good thing - that the man who opposes him does not.

September 24, 1870

The Republican convention has passed, and the Republicans have given their platform for the upcoming election. With that platform in mind, a commentary is given of the Platform.

September 17, 1870

After weeks of conflict, Republican leaders of Missouri have been unable to find a common ground, and the party has officially divided. Each of the two tickets in the field is asking for the African-American community to give them their vote.

September 6, 1870

While those in New York may think it to be outrageous for a man to claim his right to be a registered voter in West Virginia, those of The Daily Dispatch seem to think otherwise. Despite the man being an ex-rebel and democrat, he still pays his taxes…

July 6, 1870

The Conservative Caucus has decided to delay the reapportionment of representatives currently until the next session of the General Assembly. When this happenes the House, the Senate, and the Virginia General Assembly will require reapportionment,…
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