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March 17, 1868

White citizens are fighting for themselves as they showed up in large numbers to register. A white majority in Virginia is almost guaranteed as there are no black citizens moving to Virginia from abroad while countless white citizens from Europe and…

September 22, 1866

Commenting a recent court opinion out of New Hampshire that made a test oath unconstitutional, the editor of the paper is very pleased with this decision.

August 11, 1869

The Colored Conservative Republican Club of Richmond wrote to the Colored Voters of Virginia. In this address, they ask blacks to support Governor Walker even if they did not in the election. They ask them to be good citizens and remember how far…

December 20, 1869

The Reconstruction committee this past Saturday was bogged with manufactured testimonies from ultra Radicals. The tactics of the Radicals have been so dishonest, even Wells himself has disowned the group.

June 13, 1866

Johnson opposes the Republican party of Congress which favors blacks, but in his opinion, act more according to their own interests. Radicals are aware that the adoption of their policies will bring an everlasting feud between the North and South.

January 5, 1869

A.H.H Stuart speaks to a audience concerned about the proclamation of amnesty. Congress doesn't seem to believe that the President can issue pardons to whoever he wishes and seeks to ban Presidential pardons.

May 18, 1866

The North and South are still in complete disagreement over political, commercial and social issues; the North can not continue to prevent eight million white voters from participating in government.

November 14, 1870

After the failing of the carpet-baggers from the North in the recent elections, white southerners have issued out a warning of sorts - do not try and come down to the south and take a single thing that belongs to them.

November 7, 1870

After much public backlash toward their ticket, the Republicans have chosen a new mayoral candidate to represent the party. In hearing this news, the conservatives have decided to fight back harder and to not relax their opposition, despite the…

July 5, 1869

White Virginians are frustrated because they think that blacks are preventing them from gaining equal rights. White Virginians argue that because they are supporting suffrage for black men those black men should oppose the disenfranchisement clause.
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