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February 7, 1866

The breakup of the Republican party approaches due to disagreements between party leaders.

September 8, 1866

Citing the increase distrust and malice towards the former rebels and southerners felt in Philadelphia after the Radical Convention, there is a strong plea to ensure southern Conservatives vote. Suggesting Republican control of government would serve…

September 11, 1866

In response to an article in the Washington Chronicle which applauded Fredrick Douglas' speech to the Radical National Convention, and suggested many southern conservatives in Richmond ask him to come speak for he may change many of their views, the…

September 20, 1866

Angered by the current treatment of the South and the reports published by Radical newspapers, the editor of the Dispatch suggests that the North be treated the same way the South was treated during the war. The editor suggests that newspaper be…

November 27, 1866

The Dispatch publishes a long article attacking the radicals and many of their views.

January 2, 1867

African American confesses to murder because he would be called a liar either way. Family members and friends defend him saying he was home alone at the time of the murder.

February 4, 1867

Congressmen debated and argued over the use of their power of Impeachment. While it started with just talk of Johnson's Impeachment soon spread to other civil officers of Government, including General Grant.

February 5, 1867

Many senators who very recently were supporters of Johnsons Impeachment are retracting their support, stating it was only a way to get more votes. The large portion of the group that wanted Johnson impeached has dwindled, and there were no actions…

February 15, 1867

The bill that would allow military despotism in the South will surely be pushed to the next senate session for review and vote. Currently, the men of the North support the bill even though it is frowned upon by the Southerners. The main reason for…

March 11, 1867

The Southern States are hoping to bypass the Radical's opinion of Congress and get their message recognized. They hope to have Sherman's original bill reconsidered, to be officially recognized, and let the South be true to its people.
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