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March 11, 1867

The Southern States are hoping to bypass the Radical's opinion of Congress and get their message recognized. They hope to have Sherman's original bill reconsidered, to be officially recognized, and let the South be true to its people.

March 28, 1867

Gerrit Smith addresses his discomfort with the actions of the North and the South, saying if they do not resolve issues and settle disputes of the past only more pointless quarrels will continue.

April 2, 1867

As Congress adjourns, final talk of impeachment of President Johnson settles down. Unless something extraordinary occurs, no talk of impeachment will occur again until adjournment in December.

May 21, 1867

Under the law, it is guaranteed now that black and white men will be equals.However, this does not mean that white men and black men belong together in society.By no means will everyone now be welcome everywhere.If the black men have any self-respect…

July 22, 1867

The Dispatch points out the inconsistency issue in Congress after publishing the President's veto message in the paper.People from the outside will think Congress is insane if they do not create more consistent measures and come together under the…

January 1, 1868

The election of 1868 is prefaced and potential presidential candidates are mentioned. There are predictions made that the Republican party will be drastically beaten if they choose the wrong candidate and platform.

January 20, 1868

General Butler proposes that all property and non-property-holders should have to pay taxes for education, a more conservative idea than expected coming from Butler. His justification remains that it is only fair since all people have children that…

January 22, 1868

Butler hopes to pass an amendment that would immediately remove all State officers in the South; the amendment was voted down.

January 22, 1868

Hunnicutt criticizes the systematics of the Convention and tells how inefficient their meetings are. He reveals how stubborn the members of the Convention remain and their focus on insignificant matters such as whether they should hold afternoon or…

February 3, 1868

There will be no progress of Johnson's impeachment until further notice. At a more appropriate time this tricky subject will be revisited. All eyes will be on Johnson and his every move.
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