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July 11, 1870

The Radical members of Congress are acting like blind followers of their leaders and ratifying amendments without truly thinking of their consequences. Additionally, the allowing of states to withdrawal their support from various bills or repeal a…

May 21, 1867

Under the law, it is guaranteed now that black and white men will be equals.However, this does not mean that white men and black men belong together in society.By no means will everyone now be welcome everywhere.If the black men have any self-respect…

April 29, 1868

Thaddeus Stevens, a leader of the Radical Republicans, acts as a manager of the impeachment trial. Stevens lobbies for the conviction of Mr. Johnson.

May 17, 1870

Republican Radicals are threatening to impose another period of reconstruction in Virginia as a result of acts of discrimination against "colored peoples" by Conservatives. The Conservatives question whether such an action is legal, since Virginia…

March 31, 1868

Butler will present the prosecution at the commencement of the impeachment trial. It is also speculated that in the next presidential election a candidate from a third party will compete for the Presidency as well.

April 2, 1868

Butler gave a speech yesterday attacking President Johnson. The possibility that Johnson will be acquitted is more popular. Impeachment itself is losing publicity just as Reconstruction did. The wearisome trial is quite unpredictable.

January 3, 1870

Governor Walker addresses the "colored people" and emphasizes his willingness to support their rights.

April 2, 1867

As Congress adjourns, final talk of impeachment of President Johnson settles down. Unless something extraordinary occurs, no talk of impeachment will occur again until adjournment in December.

January 19, 1870

More senators seem to be leaning towards the admission of Virginia and the cessation of filibustering.

September 11, 1866

In response to an article in the Washington Chronicle which applauded Fredrick Douglas' speech to the Radical National Convention, and suggested many southern conservatives in Richmond ask him to come speak for he may change many of their views, the…
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