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March 28, 1868

Carpetbaggers hold their own meetings in which they discuss their hatred for the term "carpetbagger." One member suggested using a violent tactic against the next person who calls him a carpetbagger.

April 8, 1868

Talk of mixed schools occurred yesterday in the Convention. Many white Radicals did not take to this proposal and warned black citizens to not violate a white man's right.

April 21, 1868

Many carpetbaggers arrived to Washington at the same time as General Grant's return. These carpetbaggers are determined to campaign for Johnson's conviction and removal. Senators who do not support the removal of Johnson will be disgraced by…

May 1, 1868

The northern Radicals blame the southern Conservatives for the hostility towards races to win the "negro" vote.

May 25, 1868

The carpet-baggers are removing the police because they do not agree with their policies.

July 8, 1868

The Radicals have taken $8,000 from Hunnicutt's newspaper, New Nation, and given it to the carpet -bagger friendly newspaper, the Journal, to try and run Hunnicutt out of business.

July 18, 1868

The carpet-baggers don't care about the Virginian people. They only care about gaining control, and it seems like that mission might not be accomplished.

August 6, 1868

Hunnicutt and the Radicals are taking advantage of the loyal negroes by forcing them to listen to their advice instead of other sources that might agree with them.

August 6, 1868

"Negroes" cannot make decisions on their own without the leadership from men like Wilson, Wells, or Hunnicutt.

October 1, 1868

The Dispatch blasts the former governor of Virginia who was widely unpopular. They call him both weak willed and assert that he sold out to Northern carpet-baggers.
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