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October 13, 1868

Hunnicutt, a Republican politician in a long speech, gave his support and position to the African American community how in return supported him.

October 22, 1868

Dispatch continues to report on Hunnicutt. Say that he is now giving his message" to the African Americans in the rural communities. Says that Hunnicutt has to much respect to advocate "negroes to hold public office.""

November 3, 1868

Article mainly consists of a quote from Rev. Hunnicutt in which he gives a very fire and brimstone speech. He makes claims that the Radical are trying to defame and dishonor the good men of Virginia while at the same time filling their own pockets…

November 4, 1868

Another rant against Carpet-Baggers by Hunnicutt that the Dispatch liked enough to publish. Warns these men are only seeking office to help themselves and hurt Virginians. Warns Virginians to guard their rights

December 7, 1868

The Dispatch updates its readers on the activities of the despited Carpet-Baggers from Virginia. Apparently they were in DC, trying to keep the continuance of the Freedmen

December 10, 1868

The Dispatch (with a clear tone of disgust) talk about the recent activities of the Radical Republicans of Virginia. According to the paper, they are trying to show to DC that all Republican politicians in Virginia agree on the proposed new state…

January 6, 1869

People who remain in power who shouldn't be in an office position must be forced to evacuate immediately.

January 21, 1869

A few "negroes" and a couple of white men met in metropolitan hall to show their protest to the committee of nine. They held elections and then discussed how the "nine" are trying to halt reconstruction. They believe that any Republican adhering to…

January 22, 1869

Governor Wells, the governor of Virginia elected by the carpetbaggers, fears allowing the disenfranchised white people to vote again because he knows he won't get reelected. Thus, he pleads against the Committee of Nine before Congress.

January 26, 1869

Those disqualified will have to vacate their offices in 30 days. Carpet baggers are swarming in Washington to weasel their way into positions. Some counties are appointing unqualified people just because they are eligible, and then hiring a qualified…
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