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November 7, 1870

After much public backlash toward their ticket, the Republicans have chosen a new mayoral candidate to represent the party. In hearing this news, the conservatives have decided to fight back harder and to not relax their opposition, despite the…

April 4, 1870

Radicals still have a hold in Richmond and Virginia and they are compared to a cancer that arrived after the war.

January 17, 1870

The final arguments made in Congress on Friday, January 14th, 1870 about the admission of Virginia into the Union.

August 25, 1869

The North and the South realize that it is time to move on from the war and resume normal times. One of the important facets in this is allowing the South to govern themselves, rather than having "Carpetbaggers" in office.

June 19, 1869

The "Carpetbaggers" have caused division in the south. These Northerners and Wellsitezs bring evil throughout Virginia.

June 17, 1869

White Virginians are upset by the fact that a man can vote in the election if he has resided in the state for one year. They are frustrated because the "carpetbaggers" are being granted more influence than the Virginian men who are still…

June 1, 1869

Carpetbaggers should stop migrating to Virginia. They are only exacerbatingthe problems because they cannot possible understand the complexities in Virginia that native Virginians can.

May 20, 1869

White "Carpetbaggers" are migrating south for economic opportunity. This influx of labor is forcing black Virginians to migrate southwards for their own economic well-being.

May 18, 1869

Walkers impending election is looking better amongst Virginians. As black citizens are coming to their senses, forgetting about the Carpetbaggers, and voting for Walker.

May 10, 1869

Discredits Carpetbaggers, Wells and free riders. Also, asserts that the death of Jo. Homes was indeed bad.
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