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January 1, 1866

The Dispatch criticizes the North for sending commissioners down to Virginia and The Dispatch asserts that the South does not need the North's "care" and that southerners love and respect African Americans.

January 9, 1866

The Dispatch highlights the repercussions of readmission and the shift of representation that would occur should freedmen be counted as people.

January 11, 1866

The suffragist movement makes progress in the House and trials of those accused of treason continue to hold the attention of southerners.

January 23, 1866

A bill giving women the right to work as clerks fails again after receiving its third reading.

January 23, 1866

The Radicals "scheme" to guarantee African American suffrage in the District, and the possible outcomes of such legislation worries the Dispatch.

February 2, 1866

Congress discusses legislation meant to improve the accuracy of representation due to the inclusion of freedmen.

February 21, 1866

The Washington Constitutional Union'praises the lord' after Andrew Johnson's reported veto of the Freedmen's bill.

March 10, 1866

The Senate has rejected proposed legislation meant to reassess representation in the south

March 12, 1866

Southerners are outraged over legislation that would further "disenfranchise" Southern white men and extend suffrage rights to men of all races.
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