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March 20, 1866

Anxieties among congressmen increase as the passage of the Civil Rights bill draws nearer.

March 26, 1866

Newspapers across the country believe that the President will veto the Civil Rights Bill and the Dispatch agrees.

March 27, 1866

The Civil Rights bill faces a potential veto from the President as Radical Republicans"muster their forces for a trial of strength in the Senate".

March 29, 1866

The Dispatch supports President Johnson's policy and commend Johnson for one of his "sensible and patriotic addresses".

April 14, 1866

A legal battle between a freedman and a white "prominent citizen" have caused controversy about the enforcement of the Civil Rights bill as it is tested for the first time

April 20, 1866

Officials in Indiana have had their state constitution condemned by a federal judge who states that their constitution violates the rights of freedmen who were determined to be citizens under federal legislation. The Dispatch wants Indiana to…

April 27, 1866

Southern representatives strongly resent the passage of the Civil Rights act, and question the authority of those who signed the bill into law.

May 1, 1866

Forney of the Reconstruction Committee thinks it is unrealistic that the new constitution will be inflexibly enforced for Southerners- they are unwilling to accept the new laws. There is no way that the required number of states will be willing to…

May 2, 1866

White Southerners complain that the Radicals are denying them their right to vote in the presidential election. They will not accept the Constitutional amendment without forfeiting their self-respect and sacrificing their republicanism. The South…

May 4, 1866

Dispatch editors claim that everyone is aware of the Radicals' harsh measures to ensure exclusion and disenfranchisement of the South, only for securing their own political advantages. The Radicals want to exclude the South until their preferred…
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