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April 22, 1871

The Dispatch objects to the passing of the Kuklux law on a federal level, claiming that Congress had no right to overstep their bounds and create and enforce a law that should have been left to the states. If it was left to the states, Virginia would…

April 10, 1871

According to the Dispatch, the Kuklux bill that is being prepared in Congress is a violation of the Constitution. The bill is attempting to gain control over the 14th Amendment and be will be used for broader purposes that takes rights away from the…

March 31, 1871

The KuKlux Bill is being discussed in the house. The bill would give the government permission to act militarily against states that allow outrages. The Dispatch thinks this should not be passed.

March 27, 1871

Grant wants to overstep his bounds and violate the Constitution once again by intervening in Southern matters. He claims that there are disorderly people in South Carolina and wants to take action when he has no right to do so. The states have the…

March 16, 1871

The House of Delegates gave the control of the Richmond-Petersburg railroad to the committee of nine by one vote. This is a great victory, for now the committee of nine will have control of the Rail and be able to prioritize the interests of…

February 23, 1871

The Dispatch criticizes Congress for passing the Enforcement Act of the 15th Amendment. The Dispatch believes that Southern values will prevail, and that Congress is still not giving the South complete freedom.

February 20, 1871

The Dispatch details the system of elections that will be used in the upcoming years to come. Due to reapportionment, there will be an entirely new General Assembly, who, due to this intentional redistricting, results in an all-white state…

February 17, 1871

The Iron-Clad Oath was initiated so only Union men could take office and have power in the Union in the war, but that proved to be ineffective. The Test Oath was for rebels, but did not prohibit them from running for office. The Test Oath has been…

February 17, 1871

The House will discuss a bill that would control state representatives for Congress. The Dispatch discusses the loopholes, based on the Virginia Constitution, that can expel Virginia from this form of control.

February 16, 1871

The Radicals are attempting to control the southern states through the election process, however the Conservatives will show that campaigning will prove to be powerful, and the lousy attempt that the Radicals are making in passing a bill will fail.
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