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May 18, 1869

The Constitution has been published to the public. The editor believes it is imperative to pass the Constitution and vote against the disenfranchising and disqualifying clauses.

July 11, 1870

The Radical members of Congress are acting like blind followers of their leaders and ratifying amendments without truly thinking of their consequences. Additionally, the allowing of states to withdrawal their support from various bills or repeal a…

October 6, 1866

Based off of a sample of prominent Southerners, it is clear that the white South is afraid of the future. Unaware of what the future holds, there are debates about whether or not they should accept the new constitution and its provisions.

April 13, 1869

The return of the elections in Viriginia will not be presecribed by the Underwood consitution or by Underwood" We do not know who caused this change, but "in the name of the people of Virginia we thank him fro relieving us from the power of this bad…

January 1, 1868

A local Radical delegate to the Constitutional Convention was publicly caned on a street in Richmond. The Radical delegate entered a store to confront another citizen about the rude remarks he had made concerning the delegate's political character.…

January 24, 1867

A bill was passed that prevented Confederate lawyers from practicing in U.S. courts. The vote took hours, as the democrats distracted congress (i.e. filibusters) to delay voting. Warrants were placed out for members who left unexcused.

March 16, 1871

The House of Delegates gave the control of the Richmond-Petersburg railroad to the committee of nine by one vote. This is a great victory, for now the committee of nine will have control of the Rail and be able to prioritize the interests of…

July 1, 1868

George Ticknor is expressing how the North must repudiate itself from the South to let "negro" suffrage work out on its own, instead of forcing it on the South.

September 28, 1869

In light of the recent buzz around the potential election of senators, The Whig nominates Horace Greeley for one of the positions.

May 12, 1866

There is no doubt of the amendment's passage at this point, and Radicals are doing everything in their power to oppose Johnson. Only nineteen states will be needed for passage of the amendment.
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