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June 6, 1866

Underwood understands Richmond has become notorious for trafficking men of serious crime more often than other cities. He argues that Davis has violated the state law which says that no one should influence others to threaten or obstruct…

June 9, 1866

Mr. O'Connor asks Johnson that Davis be released on parole, offering $250,000 bail. The Cabinet meets to discuss the matter, but no conclusion is met.

June 12, 1866

Judge Underwood refuses a Writ of Habeas Corpus for Davis unless Johnson gives him a relinquishment of accused to civil authorities, making him a prisoner of war.

June 16, 1866

President Johnson intends to release Davis on parole, but understands Republicans want him admitted to bail. This request for bail is denied, and the trial has been put off even longer- Johnson no longer wants to be responsible for holding Davis as…

June 18, 1866

Mr. Davis is shocked and embarrassed at the visit of a government official and blacksmith who are ordered to put him in shackles. Davis resists them and confesses that he would rather be killed than put in irons. He understands that the war is over,…

June 18, 1866

Judge Underwood fears his assassination, and Southerners believe he is feeling guilty for his opposition to former Confederates and harsh treatment of Jefferson Davis.

June 19, 1866

Jefferson Davis complains of not being able to move or exercise from his limited mobility due to the shackles. His health is poor and complains of discomfort from the heavy chains.

June 20, 1866

Jefferson Davis speaks hesitantly of his relationship with Johnson; the President has an overwhelming sense of pride which occasionally conflicts with some of the Southern representatives in Congress.

June 29, 1866

Northerners complain that Jefferson Davis is living a life of luxury while he is supposed to be imprisoned.

July 7, 1866

Chief Justice Chase is anxious to speed up the trial of Jefferson Davis, pushing for reorganization of U.S. courts. If a proposed bill passes, Mr. Davis's trial can take place before Judge Underwood sitting alone.
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