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October 22, 1870

While many in the north may call General Lee as well as any others who fought in the war to be perjurers, the residents of Virginia seem to think otherwise. In the face of perjury accusations, The Daily Dispatch makes it very clear: if General Lee is…

September 7, 1870

For five years, northerners have been set loose upon the south. In those five years, those same northerners have abused the south, taken its property, robbed it of its money, and taken advantage of, "the poor colored man as the instruments of their…

June 18, 1870

The public schools in Virginia are being assessed and have been given great reviews for their teachings and qualifications.

May 14, 1870

Sumner is pushing a bill that would integrate public, religious, and economic sectors of society for "blacks" and "whites." This would be a large step in achieving universal liberties.

May 2, 1870

The capitol building has collapsed, wounding, killing, or trapping many within the rubble. Many citizens are concerned and reaching out as a result.

April 28, 1870

The Capitol partially collapses during the case between Chahoon and Ellyson.

March 29, 1870

Explanation and arguments regarding how the dispute between Mayors Chahoon and Ellyson came about.

January 18, 1870

Senators blocked the admission of Virginia by filibustering again.

January 13, 1870

Virginia will be admitted to the Union without further sanctions.

January 7, 1870

A constable arrests a "negro" and a riot almost breaks out.
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