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March 27, 1867

Former Confederate president Jefferson Davis has been held in prison for over two years without trial or consideration for his detainment. No branch of the government wants to deal with his trial which is leading to a bad reputation of the American…

September 13, 1866

A "negro" man Named Matt Ross and his wife Ailsey were arrested and sent to the grand jury after allegedly assaulting a white citizen of Henrico. There are no facts in the case that suggest the "negroes" actually struck the white man, there is only…

September 20, 1867

Explanation of the future expansion of railroads across Virginia counties which will include subscriptions that will be pleasing to both parties.

February 11, 1867

Jefferson Davis, previous President of the Confederacy, while he has been ill during his imprisonment at Fort Monroe is finally starting to regain his strength and health. Even though he is a prisoner, he lives in a very mild environment, with no…

June 10, 1867

Northerners trying to buy cheap land or material from Virginians should be embarrassed for doing so.In order to Virginia to regain its dignity and prosperity, Virginians need to make money, and to accomplish this, Virginians need to be allowed to…

May 19, 1866

Sumner requests that the second clause of the amendment be stricken out and substituted with a clause requiring a Congressman from the South be chosen by half of loyal men in his district before being permitted back into the House of Representatives.

March 10, 1867

Many are starting to lose faith in the power that the President claims he has, but does a terrible job at enforcing it. He casts out vetoes to protect the Constitution, yet he gives Congress many other benefits to work around his vetoes.

April 25, 1867

Many Southerners are seeking out to get President Johnson to pardon Jefferson Davis. This includes hundreds of petitions being sent to the Attorney General. These are for no use, as Jefferson Davis will not send a petition of his own, as it would be…

January 11, 1866

The suffragist movement makes progress in the House and trials of those accused of treason continue to hold the attention of southerners.

March 27, 1868

Various northern newspapers attack Grant on his campaign. The strange nature of the newspaper could be a trick to stir up publicity surrounding Grant. Either way he has been accused of habitual drunkenness and other unpleasant characteristics.
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